Cada proyecto
es un mundo
y así lo

Esta es la lista general de tareas que desempeñamos en el diseño de proyectos.


Study of Projects

  • Building review and detailed study of achitectural drawings and floor plans.
  • Contra-briefing with operations. Project team.
  • Meeting with the different area.
  • Project managers to define protocols.
  • Local market stud.


  • Business concept development, and financials cost study, plus feasibility from a technical perspective.
  • First concept adaptation for design and development.
  • Design proposal for all the areas.
  • Coordination with ops team on operational concept, service levels, amenities and feature to define concept and brands standards.


  • Sourcing FF&E and cost verification.
  • Choice of materials based on international and local standards.
  • Definition of custom design and production for furniture, lighting, etc.
  • Internal prototype review.
  • Operations study to guarantee efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Final definition of thecnical datasheets with detailed requirements and standards.
  • External test panel review of FF&E.


  • General cost forecast of all FF&E, and estimated lifetime.
  • Supplier negotiations.

Technical Projects


  • Building review and detailed study of architectural drawings and floor plans.
  • Contra-briefing with operations.Project team.
  • Development of thecnical plans, related to interior and architectural execution.
  • Ad-Hoc, production plans for special components.
  • Lighting specification. Project.
  • Development material guide to increase. Project efieciency.
  • Technical and plumbing plans for architectural execution.
  • General acoustic plan.
  • Validation of prototypes and guarantees.


  • Suppliers orders.
  • Quality control.
  • General validation.
  • Soft openig process